Evénements d’entreprise

  • Global virtual broadcasts for the United Nations
  • Live and broadcast events in Tokyo for automotive and tech industry leaders 
  • Intimate experiential events for attendees of the Cannes Lions Festival 
  • Arena events to celebrate women in tech, with 20K+ attendees
  • Concerts with multiple major acts to celebrate employees of leading software companies
  • Plenary sessions in ballrooms of all shapes and sizes around the globe…

Mamboland Productions has done them all. We provide production services in 3 languages to produce happy clients, no matter where you want to take your event.

Evénements d’entreprise        イベント

Conférences      コンファレンス

Evénementiels       国際会議

Whatever the size of your event, you need a strong producer. We are the crucial element in bringing together the important details that make it successful.

At Mamboland Productions, our skills in organization, communication and creative oversight ensure your event will be well executed to provide a beneficial experience for executives and attendees. 

Whether your meeting is live on-stage or a broadcast streamed to remote offices, the behind-the-scenes production team is essential. Our producers work with creative and technical teams, service providers and venues for a well-executed and seamless spectacle. Mamboland Productions takes pride in giving attention to the smallest details that produce amazing events.

Small incentive gatherings? Large arena shows? We’ve produced those and everything in-between. Mamboland Productions has over two decades experience in plenary session production, training meetings, gala and recognition events, broadcasts, and breakout planning.

Our caring attitude and attention to detail come through at every level. Working with a calm hand and positive attitude, we are equally adept at coordinating with A.V. crews and banquet captains as we are running full stage rehearsals with celebrity talent and top-level executives.

From the initial creative discussions and budget development to the final lighting cue, our team wraps their arms around the entire process – making sure deadlines are met, promises are lived up to, and every deliverable and experience exceeds client expectations.

Mamboland Productions:  providing excellence in production services around the globe.